Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big City Trip

So I told you that I would blog about my trip out to visit my sister so here it goes....

I left last Friday on the train.  It was a pretty good ride until we got into Denver.  We were about two miles from the station and we came to a stop.  I figured we couldn't get into the station due to a freight train coming through.  We sat there for awhile, and then the conductor came over the intercom to let us know that part of the rail had broken off and when it did the luggage car and dorm car fell off.  This all happened about two miles from the station.  We were told that it would be about another two hours before we got into the station.  We couldn't get off the train because we were in the rail yard, and if we were to get off and a freight train hit us Amtrak would of being responsible for it.  So instead I sat on a train two miles from the station for almost three hours.  Good thing I can sleep anywhere :)

Once we finally got in we went and ate at Snooze which is a really good breakfast place.  After that we went back home got ready and headed downtown.  My sister and I made our first trip to H&M.  We had to wait outside in a line because they were over capacity, once we got in we figured out why.  There were so many clothes that my sister and I both wanted.  After that we went and saw The Muppets with my sister's friend Megan.  It was pretty good, but I was also super tired so I didn't enjoy it too much.

On Sunday we slept in and then went to the Broncos vs Patriots game.  This was my sister's first NFL experience and my third.  I absolutely loved it as it was a different atmosphere than the Chiefs games I had been to.  Here are a few pictures from the game.

Heading to the game with the mountains in the background.

Walking to the stadium.

National Anthem

I love me some sisterbear and football!

She loves her Broncos!

As do I!

We were walking out of the stadium and I decided to Tebow.  Yes, that is my sister on the far left Tebowing...I was successful in getting her to Tebow even though she claims she caved to peer pressure!

Although we didn't win it was worth it to see this in person.  Here is the video of Tom Brady getting sacked!  Although he gets right up it was a hard hit, and the crowd went crazy when it happened.

Our other fun adventure for the trip was going to our first NHL game.  We watched the Avalanches vs. the Flyers.  It was pretty exciting, but we didn't know enough about the rules of hockey to really get into it.  We left after the second period because we were tired, my sister had to work, and we were ahead 2-1.  By the time we got home, we turned it on to see the last minute or so in the game.  With 20 seconds left the Flyers tied it up 2-2 to go into overtime.  No one scored in overtime so they went to a shoot out.  The Avalanches won the shoot out 3-2 and won the game.  We may of missed the most exciting part, but at least we got to see it on TV.

The rest of the time here was spent relaxing...catching up on my sleep and enjoying my time with my sister.  Last night Mother Nature decided to grace us with her presence by dropping around 10 inches of snow.  When we woke up this morning it was still snowing.  We are hoping it doesn't cause any problems with our trip home.  So far we are in the clear, but there is still alot of time before our train leaves.

This picture does not do a good job of showing how much snow there is here, but I was too big of a baby to go outside to get a better picture.

I had fun in the big city, but I'm ready to get back home to see every one and enjoy the holidays with the family!

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