Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost Done and Some Randoms

So I have just finished my teaching in my final placement!  I have a professional development day tomorrow, and then observing in classrooms for four and a half days!  I am so excited to get into some of the classes I have picked out, and get some awesome ideas and strategies!  I have enjoyed this placement so much.  It was a different one compared to my first placement, but I have learned so much.  I am not looking forward to leaving, but I know I will be back as I will start subbing in the middle of May!  I am ready for my next chapter in my life, which will hopefully include a new job!

On a side note sisterbear will be back in a week for my graduation.  I am so excited to see her!  The last time I saw her was at Christmas time.  I am in need of some sister time, and will get to see her twice in May, once in June, and for a whole week in July! 

I have also added a few pages on my blog.  I have added a page listing all of the blogs I follow.  You should check them out!  The other page I added has a list of books that I have read already this year.  I used to hate reading so for me to have read six books in four months is a big deal...especially finishing two books in a week!  I have just started the 50 Shades of Grey series.  I will update you on how they are, and if they are worth the craze :)

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