Friday, October 12, 2012

Update/Start Up

So I apologize as I haven't blogged in a very very long time.  I have a lot to share with you so I will do as much as I can through pictures and then catch you up with the my new news...well new to you.

Sisterbear came back home for a weekend of fun and a wedding.

Nel Nel and I at our friends wedding

Sunny Delight and I at the wedding.

Reunited with my bests!

Off to Kansas City with Sunny Delight for Tim McGraw & Kenny Chesney.

My cousin and aunt were there as well!

Then back to Kansas City for The Color the finish line with no color.

Color Throw

In the color throw.

Having our own color fight.

K and I after the race.

After the race we hit the town. K and I.

A and I in Kansas City after the race.
I got a job teaching kindergarten.  Yup you heard right my first full time teaching job!  My little cousin and many other people helped me get my classroom put together. 

Nel Nel and I at 80/35

Family vacation at the lake.  Sisterbear, K, and I.

The family.

Sisterbear and I.

Papa and I.

Mom and her girls.

The Color Run back home!  It was pretty cold, but lots of fun!

Before the race.

After the race. K, me, and Nel Nel.

So as you can see I have been up to a lot lately.  As you saw I accepted my first full time teaching job.  I currently teach 25 little kindergartners.  It was a crazy couple of months as my summer came to a quick end, and school started.  We are a year round school so I started reporting at the beginning of July, and our students started in the middle of July.  I have made it through 3 months of school and we are now on fall break for three weeks.  I'm out in the big city with Sisterbear and the family.  Then it's back with one week left of break.  My goal is to now keep this updated and current.  Stay tuned for updates!

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