Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2nd Placement

I started my second placement yesterday.  I am in a suburban area in a special education classroom.  It has been a weird transition coming from an urban school where I was working with a 3rd grade classroom.  It is also weird coming from a classroom where I had total control and was teaching full time to...just sitting and observing.  My cooperating teacher is awesome, and I will learn a lot as she has been in the special education area for many years.

A normal day for her starts with some small groups first thing in the morning, and then she is down in a fifth grade classroom to help with math where she also does some co-teaching.  Then it is back up to her room to meet with another small group.  Then back downstairs to help out with math in another 5th grade classroom.  Finally we have lunch and then back to some small groups, before we head down to 4th grade to help with math.  Then back upstairs for some more small groups before the end of the day.  I will be working with many kids, but will really get to know only 8 of them.

Thought I would share a few stories from them so far...

One of the kids that I was warned about that could make a few off color remarks comes in from band, and heads back to my cooperating teacher for help to get caught up on the lesson. I am standing there, and he looks right at my cooperating teacher..
Boy:  Why is she here?
My teacher is finishing up with another student so she doesn't hear him, and then goes right into explaining what they are doing to the boy.
Boy:  That is all good, but who is she and why is she here?

Girl:  Are you going to get mad at us and yell at us?
Me:  No, I hope not.  As long as you follow directions, and work hard I don't think we will have a problem. 
Boy:  Well you aren't going to like our class.
Haha this boy is very honest from what I have observed so far!

Boy: Guess what a girl asked me out today?
Cooperating Teacher:  Well what did you say to her?
Boy:  Yes....DUH!

I guess teaching 4th and 5th graders will be just as fun!  I received a note already from a little girl in the 4th grade class we go into to help with math small groups.

Well it's off to fill more job applications out well at least get started :)

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