Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

This is the week that my college has off for spring break, and instead of being some where warm not in the boring Midwest I am still student teaching this week.  Before you feel too bad I will have next week off for my spring break.  Am I going anywhere fun you ask...no I am not.  I am spending the week relaxing and filling out job applications.  Oh yeah, and taking my Praxis II.  Why did I decide to take it during spring break, and not go see my sister in the city or go somewhere warm where I can relax on a beach?  I don't have the slightest clue to why I did that other than I hate strongly dislike tests...oh yeah and I procrastinated a lot! 

My second placement is off to a great start.  I have been able to start teaching a little more and really enjoy getting back into everything.  One of the kids that my teacher works with is still receiving services mainly for behavior reasons.  He is doing awesome with his behavior goal, and my teacher believes he should stay on his point sheet, and only receive social skills when needed.  After discussing this with the general education teacher we find out that Little Man (This will be his name as I will not use real names, also don't be offended that I am calling him little man. He is on the smaller side, but so am I.  I have some students that are just as tall or taller than me that are only in 5th grade...you can see I am on the little side as well.) has been having a problem getting to the bus on time.  When my teacher went to discuss this with him it went a little like this

Cooperating Teacher:  So little man I have something I have to talk to you about, and it involves the bus.  Do you know what I might want to talk to you about?
Little Man:  Yeah, I'm late to my bus all the time.
CT:  Well why are you always late?
Little Man:  Well you see I have to talk to my friends. I have promised them I will so I can't break a promise.
CT:  Well that shouldn't make you late what else is going on?
Little Man:  Oh yeah, I go play on the playground too.
CT:  Well these sound like things you could get done in the morning or during the day don't they?
Little Man:  Well you see, I have thought about sneaking out during the day to play on the playground, but I just don't think it will happen.

This same kid was having problems with climbing trees last year at recess.  When my teacher talked to him about it he informed her that he was born to do three things in life.  The first one was to sing, the second one was to be cool, and the third was to climb trees.  So the only reason he was climbing trees was because he was born to climb trees. 

I love how honest kids can be, and how funny they can be without realizing how hilarious they are being.   Well I have being typing this blog outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and I am going to continue to enjoy it by eating supper outside and reading my book.  I will cross my fingers that mother nature will be equally nice next week when choosing the weather! 

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